Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 21 – The First and The Worst

Many things have happened since we last published a podcast.  Not only has a year almost gone by, but now there are many more machining related podcasts than ever before.  We would like to remind everyone that we are the first and also the worst!  And the bad news is we are back and we hope to publish more regularly going forward.

This episode is mostly shop updates and us bantering Top Gear style about what we have been up to.

Stefan wanted us all to have a look at this thread on PM:


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4 thoughts on “Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 21 – The First and The Worst

  1. Finally! A bit all over the place but entertaining nonetheless.
    I feel with you Justin. My 91yr old house constantly demands attention. I have a half built cnc router in the basement, a myford super 7 that wants to be set up correctly and a small shaper to restore. Then I thought “A sink would sure be nice in the basement shop, I’ll just add that quickly”. Well during that I noticed the plaster on the outside basement wall sounded mighty hollow. So now I have a pile of rubble, a naked and very wet basement wall that demands proper sealing and most definetly no time for cnc router, lathe or shaper for the next few weeks.
    To encourage me to get back to machine tools an appearance of Mr. Renzetti on the topic of spindles would be much appreciated. Also I’d like to suggest a show with youtuber Jan Sverre Haugjord who restores a whole bunch of Myford lathes at the same time. I might be biased but I find his videos very interesting.
    thanks for the show



  2. Welcome back guys
    You were the third machining podcast I found after Swarfcast and the machinist therapy hotline. Yours has by far been the most entertaining and relevant for the home machinist community.
    Hope you can get Quinn Dunki aka Blondihacks on as guest soon. Her dry sense of humour would fit well with you guys and she is a great educator.
    Also would love to see you have Mike and Ryan Wilhelm from Physics Anonymous on. They do amazing stuff and their video production quality is out of this world.



  3. Hey guys, I am isolated in my hanger shop outside of Montreal so I am binge listening to your podcast. So many of your topics bring true. I am an engineer with a serious machine addiction. I have an emco super 11 like Stephan, though I don’t get beautiful parts like him. I have a busy bee knee mill. Here at the hangar i have 2 machines awaiting rebuilding. 1 is a 1961 hardinge like Robin’s and the other is a deckel fp1 of about the same era. I took richard kings scraping class in Vermont last yr because it was near here and I was worried he would retire soon. But I have no time to use the knowledge as I am 5 yrs I to building a cans rv4 kitplane. I also have an atlas 7b shaper and just found a fully tooled delta toolmaster surface grinder. I think one of you has one. It has the rotating sub table, centers, indexing head for tool sharpening. Again, no time to play as the airplane sucks up all my time. I have all of this stuff because I am addicted to tool auctions. A fool and his money are soon parted.

    Anyway I am grateful for the entertainment you are providing. I don’t know your channels that well yet but I know Stephan’s very well. He is an incredibly talented guy and I have learned a lot from him. I will have to spend some time on your 2 channels and get up to speed.

    Best regards

    Scott Black


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