Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 17 – Home $hop Machini$t

2 episodes in one month!  We can’t believe it either.  Don’t worry though we didn’t cut on quantity to get it out – this episode is still over 2 hours.  We won’t talk about the quality.  Max, Stefan and Justin give shop updates (it has been about 4 months since Stefan has been on – that’s long enough for Stefan to build an entire Saturn V rocket in his basement).  After that we talk about making money in the home $hop – when your hobby turns into a business.  And no we aren’t the Business of Machining Podcast.  In between the weirdness:

  • Stefan is busy making telescope parts for the Hubble Space telescope a local company requiring telescope parts.
  • Stefan is on the lookout for a new lathe.  He would like a Hardinge HLV (don’t we all!).
  • Justin and Max suggest looking at the Taiwanese clones like Cyclematic or Feeler
  • Stefan broke down and bought a face mill with carbide inserts:
  • Lancaster Watch Tools: https://www.instagram.com/lancaster_watch_tools/
  • Max is working on a license plate holder for his AMG.
  • Justin’s diamond dressers for the bench grinder are now for sale.  You can find them on this site.
  • Stefan is the reason why small shapers and grinders now cost an arm and a leg and everyone wants one.
  • We talk about turning your home shop into a business.  Over the past few years Stefan has done more and more work for clients.
  • Keep it a hobby – you don’t want to destroy the fun in your life!
  • Stefan does some work for this guy: https://www.instagram.com/stories/watchmaker.kl/
  • Justin is upset about all the Bang Good advertising on Youtube.

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