A cogwheel (pronunciation: /ˈkäɡˌ(h)wēl/) is defined as a wheel or bar with a series of projections on its edge that transfers motion by engaging with projections on another wheel or bar.

Welcome to thecogwheel. Hopefully the information found within will give you some ideas from various areas of manufacturing and mechanical technology and engage you to move forward in whatever projects you are working on.

About the Author

Formally I am educated in the Mechanical Technology and Manufacturing Technology fields, and known as a Technologist (what is a Technologist?).  I work in the manufacturing and mechanical engineering sectors.  I also do work out of a small home shop.  There is significant electronics and programming overlap out of my interest in robotics, vibration and controls and as such I am often programming Arduinos and PLCs.  I also dabble in electronic design.

Outside of academia and work I am a husband, father of 3, and a gearhead who began training very early in life by being the son of a mechanic and taking all things apart and wondering why things work the way they do.  I’m a Christian and I’m eternally thankful for the freedom I have in my life (both physically and spiritually). “and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”.  John 8:32 (ESV)

If you want to get in touch with me please send me an email: justin(at sign)thecogwheel.net