Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 7 – Work Holding

In a first for us we manage to get an episode recorded, edited, and posted in about 2 weeks!  Don’t worry we didn’t skimp on the quantity of the recording – this episode is a long as the rest of them (note nothing was said about quality!). In this episode we talk about work holding and tool holding in general.  Apologies for our voices – we both were recovering from colds.  Highlights include:

    • Max gets his turret finished just in time for Emma’s tool making competition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xe3ACUzET7Y Check out the pile of chips on the watchmaker’s lathe:
    • Justin is inching (what is the metric equivalent?) towards getting the Schaublin 102 up and running.
    • Someone opens a beverage.  Identify the time and send Justin an email: justin@thecogwheel.net  to claim your prize!
    • Justin is recording in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm.
    • 2 Jaw independent chuck?  We talk about one:
    • Justin and Max are big fans of ER collets.  Maritool is a great source for production quality stuff at reasonable prices.
    • Stefan Gotteswinter gets his mention.
    • Use your 3D printer, or a 3D printing service to make soft jaws for your vise!  Or a fixture setup for your face plate.
    • Clamping nuts – we don’t know what they are called but Max made up a set of them.  Identify them, send Justin and email justin@thecogwheel.net and claim your prize!
    • Max thinks Justin should build some die holders with driving squares in them like these ones:

All that and much much more.

You can listen to it directly here:

or you can download it directly.

Subscribe in iTunes (and please rate us!): https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/home-shop-machinists-podcast/id1180854521

Max’s website: The Joy of Precision and also his Youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdMt_havo3BxZJscvRCOGcw Max’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joyofprecision/

Justin’s Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/thecogwheel  Justin’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecogwheel/

4 thoughts on “Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 7 – Work Holding

  1. Hi, you thought that there were only two people listening to the podcast, no, there are at least three 😉
    Actually I love the podcast and I have long searched for one like it, and now finally there is one.
    One thing though, I’d suggest that you shorten the episodes somewhat in favour of more of them, this boosts quantity and quality at the same time which is a rare thing to happen.
    I’m rather new to the machining-hobby and I learn a lot from you.
    Keep up the good work!
    /Daniel from Sweden.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback! We are glad you like the show.

      The suggestion to decrease the length of the episodes and come out with them more frequently is a great one. Part of the reason for the long episodes and delay between them right now is because of our schedules. Being busy with our day jobs and family life limit the number of free days for recording. We’ll try to figure something out in the future perhaps.


  2. And… another fan out there!
    Sorry, I don’t know what those clamps are called; I wish you had a picture of them in use, though. I did some digging, but no luck!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Rod! I’ll see if I can get Max to snap a picture of them in use. We aren’t the greatest at word art.


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