Not Now, Dear

I’m sure every wife feels it. The pang of guilt when we say “no” to our husbands. It happened to me the other night, as Justin and I were laying in bed. He rolled to his side, and looked at me with hopeful, almost expectant eyes. A gentle smile was on his lips. After he’d asked the question, I sighed and closed my eyes as the wave of guilt washed over me. “I’m sorry,” I said, “but I don’t think now is the right time to buy another machine tool for the shop.”

I could tell he was disappointed, so I tried valiantly to support my response with reason so I didn’t appear too callous. I reminded him that in the past 10 months, he’d purchased a Schaublin lathe, a Craftex mill, and a surface grinder, not to mention the various tooling additions needed to operate them. He’d also been generously gifted a tool and cutter grinder, and while that hadn’t cost any money, the time to drag these machines home and set them up for use was more than a small investment of precious hours. I also suggested that the point of owning these machines was not offer them a humble home in our garage, but rather to make something with them.

As Justin conceded that I might have a small point to support my argument, I opened my eyes. Surprised to see him getting dressed, I asked where he was going. “To make some chips,” he replied, as though it should be obvious. “These machines had better start earning their keep.”

5 thoughts on “Not Now, Dear

  1. Luckily I am self building a house so have the perfect tool buying excuse. Henry Ford did say ‘If you don’t buy the tool when you need the tool you end up paying for the tool but not owning it’. Which is my rationale for all my tool purchases;)


  2. Loved this….but all home machinists, if they are honest, will admit that the primary reason that they own the machines is to make things *for* the machines and for the shop. The shop, in its totality, *is* the goal. 🙂


  3. Been there, heard that, and she was right. Now there is this little secret fund from skipped lunches out and whatever. Plus, the machines/tools arrive when she is at her sister’s house.
    Yup, the shop is the goal


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