Home Shop Machinists Podcast – Episode 10 – Practitioner of the Mechanical Arts

In this episode Max and Justin talk with the great Robin Renzetti, Practitioner of the Mechanical Arts (Robin – we hope you have that on your business card!).  We talk about:

  • Robin’s gifted ability of machining and all things mechanical
  • Robin’s resume.  A model of a helicopter rotor head.  And yes, he made very piece in his spare time!
  • A little bit about Robin’s shop
  • Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy
  • Turcite and gluing it with Loctite Black Max 380
  • Other Loctite products
  • Moore pattern scraping
  • Scraper sharpening
  • Spindle design & bearings
  • Import collet tricks
  • ER vs 5C style collets on work holding – make sure when using ER collets as work holding collets the stock sticks through the entire collet!
  • Pot collet runout and Robin’s pot collet setup:
  • Jaw chuck repeatability
  • Jacobs taper size
  • # screw size formula
  • Mapp gas turbo torch and silver soldering
  • Lathe file body oil
  • HSS belt sander backer

All that and much more for over 2 hours of listening!

You can listen to it directly here:

or you can download it directly.

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